Zucker Praises Staff for Their News Coverage...HUH?!


In a week where CNN may have made the biggest blunder in the network's history, CNN boss Jeff Zucker says he's proud of their efforts.

Despite the fact CNN Reported the arrest of a bombing suspect that turn out not to be true and turned the network into a laughing stock on late nightt television and online, Zucker thinks the network did well. 


CNN never made an apology for their huge mistake and often times tried to pass the blame one law enforcement sources. 

The FBI basically scolded CNN in a statement and the network wasted viewers time with reporting bogus information.

Yet Zucker thinks they did great.

As a network boss at one of CNN's competitors said to FTVLive "Was Jeff even watching CNN's coverage, or was he watching Pete Williams on NBC?"

Here is the memo Zucker sent out to the staff:

April 19, 2013

What a week.

As events unfolded in Boston, and then in Texas, and as they continue to unfold at this very moment in both places, CNN has been there for our audience in every possible way - on television, online and on our mobile platforms. As Wolf would say, that was true for our audiences here in the United States and around the world. For journalists like each of us, these are the times that define what we do and why we do it. All of you, across every division of CNN Worldwide, have done exceptional work. And when we made a mistake, we moved quickly to acknowledge it and correct it. It was important to see CNN, CNN.com, HLN and CNNI all shine this week, often with different stories and different approaches that make each of their roles clear. It is a week that began with a whole new genre of programming for CNN, with the successful premiere of Parts Unknown. Now, as the week comes to a close, I wanted to express my deep gratitude and admiration. You have worked tirelessly, around the clock, to share these stories. And our audiences have responded, making it clear that they rely on us in ever increasing ways. In front of the cameras and behind the scenes, you have shown the world what makes us CNN.

With my thanks and appreciation,