CNN's Zucker: Twitter is a Frenemy


Jeff Zucker spoke to The Atlanta Press Club yesterday about a number of topics.

The Zuck compared CNN to something in the trunk of your car.

He said that CNN is like the "spare tire in the trunk."

"You only take it out when you really need it," Zucker told a packed Atlanta Press Club luncheon. "It's not one of the four tires on the car all the time. The challenge for us is how to make CNN more essential, how to make it one of the four tires on the car."

He said he doesn't have a magic formula to solve this intractable problem for the TV network, which has suffered languid ratings during times when there is no breaking news.

"I don't have all the answers," he said. "I don't even have half the answers."

Turning to social media, Zucker says that CNN uses Twitter as a tool.

"Twitter is a frenemy. It's something that often tells us what's going on before anybody else. But it's not always right. We use it as a tool."

We hate to tell this to Jeff Zucker, but CNN isn't always right either. 

Just saying....

H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution