MSNBC To Replace Guy No One Knows With Another Guy No One Knows (Updated)


Earlier, FTVLive told you that MSNBC is demoting Ed Schultz his Ed Show to Weekends.

Not many people even know who Ed Schultz is, so it makes sense for MSNBC to want to put a big name star in that time slot.

Word is they are looking to go with huge media star Chris Hayes! Who?

You know! Chris Hayes the guy that hosts "Up with Chris" Hayes a weekend opinion show on MSNBC. (Update: It is Hayes that's getting the job)

Oh that Guy! Yeah we really didn't know who he was either. So, Here's a link to his Wiki Page.

Others think that MSNBC might really go crazy and go with....are you sitting down?

Ezra Klein of the Washington Post!!!!

No way?


The ratings will sky rocket in they go with him.

Still others like ICN thinks it might be Joy Behar. Hey! That's someone we have actually heard of. Not exactly huge... But,  Better that Ezra (OK we couldn't resist on that one). 

No official word from MSNBC on who replaces Schultz. I don't know about you, but I can stand the waiting. This is a nail biter.