Cops Have Been Called to Anchor's Home Before

When cops went to the home of Rob and Ashley Morrison, they didn't need directions. They have been there before.

Morrison was arrested two days ago and charged with chocking his wife. A judge has order Morrison to stay at least 100 yards from his wife expect when they are at work. Ashley is an anchor for CBS Money Watch.


Cops busted Morrison in his home, but it wasn't the first time they have been there for a domestic abuse call. Sources say that several weeks before Sunday’s incident, Darien police responded to a domestic incident at their home. Police did not make any arrests and no charges were filed. 

But, back in 2009, sources say Morrison was arrested for allegedly assaulting Ashley at their Upper West Side apartment in New York City.

While the couple lived in New York, NYPD said that between 2003 and 2009, they were called there for seven verbal disputes. None of those incidents led to an arrest.