60 Days and Counting....

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.28.23 AM.png

We have reached a milestone here at FTVLive.com.

60 days ago we talked to KNBC spokesperson Terri Rosales Hernandez and asked her to confirm our story that KNBC Anchor Lucy Noland was off the 6PM newscast.

Rosales Hernandez PROMISED to call us back in "two minutes."

Since that promise, Noland has left KNBC all together (which by the way was also FIRST reported by FTVLive), and we still haven't heard from the PR spokeswoman. 

The clock has now reached 60 days.

Will she call before Christmas? News Years? The 4th of July?

We'll let you know when she gets back to us.

Give us "two minutes." 

The clock continues to click away on the lower right side of every page on FTVLive.