Anchor Defends Fake Parade Coverage


Once FTVLive pointed out the story of KBJR's (Duluth) Anchors faking being outside for parade coverage, the story went viral.

Anchors Michelle Lee, Kevin Jacobson or Barbara Reyelts sat in the studio, in front of the chroma key, with jackets on at covered the parade. 

There is no doubt with the way the shot was framed behind them, they the station wanted to make it appear that the anchors were outside when they weren't.

Anchor Kevin Johnson (sitting in the middle of the picture) wrote on the station's website "Did we mislead the audience about being outside? No". He says "We made that point very clear several times during the broadcast as we tossed to each other inside and outside the studio."

Sorry Kevin, you did misled the audience when you guys wore jackets inside and gave the appearance you were outside. 

The GM of the station, David Jensch talked about the anchors wearing their jackets while sitting in a to sty warm studio. "The illusion of the anchors, keeping their jackets on, and went back inside, I could see how somebody who really wasn't watching the parade might have been confused. We haven't gotten a single complaint from people who watched the parade. They understood."

Just because you didn't get a call, doesn't make it right.

Bottom line.... the station got caught faking it and are now doing their best to spin their mistake.