Like Watching Radio


The hockey game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Vancouver Canucks was suddenly cut off to Chicago viewers and people were stuck watching a slate with an audio feed of the game. 

WGN says that at 11:32 pm Saturday night during a particularly tight and exciting Chicago Blackhawks-Vancouver Canucks game on their station, for reasons yet to be determined, their vendor in Canada suddenly cut our signal.

The station says that numerous attempts were made to reach said vendor, but no one picked up the phone on their end.

WGN was forced to air a slate and audio-only feed of the remainder of the game, which was won by the Hawks.

Ironically, unfortunately, coincidentally, this happened almost 45 years to the day of the famous "Heidi" football game incident on NBC:

WGN says they sincerely apologize for viewers unable to finish the game, and will do our best to avoid similar incidents in the future.