Sorry Eric....

TV Critic Eric Deggans who just left his gig at the Tampa Bay Times for a job at NPR, didn't get the job he really wanted.

Even after just starting his new job, word is that Deggans was pitching hard for the job at CNN and the new host of Reliable Sources. 

He didn't get it. 

CNN has hired NY Times TV Critic Brian Stelter.  

Deggans seems a bit upset in his tweet: 

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 9.01.27 AM.png

Deggans has written a number of stories over the years talking networks to task (well deserved if you ask us) for lack of diversity in their hiring practices. .

No word yet if he'll mention that CNN went with the white guy.

Bottom line....whether CNN hired Stelter or Deggans, either or would have been a upgrade from Howard Kurtz. 

Just saying....