Seriously..... What The F*#K?!

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FTVLive FIRST reported last week that Lucy Noland (pictured right) was being taken off the 6PM newscast at KNBC. We also reported EXCLUSIVELY that she will eventually be gone from the station when her contract expires.

FTVLive also reported FIRST that Robert Kovacik is being taken off the weekend anchor desk and being sent back to full time reporting.  

Today, TVSPY finally catches up to FTVLive's reporting. The site writes:

"KNBC spokesperson Terri Hernandez Rosales told TVSpy Nolan will continue to anchor the midday newscast. Speculation about the 6 p.m. anchor changes was first reported by FTVLive."

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Yes... that is the same Terri Hernandez Rosales that told FTVLive she would call us back in "two minutes" took the time to talk to TVPY before ever calling back FTVLive.

FTVLive has heard from a number of PR people telling us they are embarrassed for their profession by the actions of Hernandez Rosales. Even people at other NBC O&O's have contacted us to say they can't believe that the VP of Communications for KNBC, does not do her job by calling us back. 

FTVLive was more than nice to Hernandez Rosales when we spoke with her. We really did believe her when she said she would call us back. She LIED and that is unacceptable for any executive at any station, especially at a network O&O. 

By the way, the clock continues to count until we get a call back: