LA Station Jumps on The Bus


As TV news outlets struggle to find and keep viewers, one LA station has come up with something. 

Show the news to a captive audience. 

KNBC is producing a special daily newscast, featuring weatherman Fritz Coleman and news anchors Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams, that plays on 19-inch TV monitors bolted into LA County metro buses.

Nearly 1,800 Los Angeles County buses operated by theMetropolitan Transportation Authority have been fitted with monitors that play a newscast that is produced for riders on the bus, 

NBCUniversal content is also added, including bits from Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show," celebrity gossip from "Access Hollywood," and news delivered in Spanish by Telemundo anchors, helps round out an hourlong TV program that repeats throughout the day aboard the buses.

For bus rider and Los Angeles native Emmett Cutler, 56, who takes the Broadway line through downtown L.A., the TVs can be a diversion during his daily commute.

"You have to get up real early to catch the news at home, and this shows you a variety of things, including weather, maps and news for your area," said bus rider Emmett Cutler. "I like it."

H/T LA Times