Can Couric's Talk Show Make it to a 3rd Season?


Many have written off 'Katie' and say that it is done after this year. 

But, TV Guide says the show hosted by Katie Couric does have a chance to make it to a 3rd season. 

Syndication executives who hear the complaints of unhappy TV station owners say that Katie is a goner.

But others say that Couric's show will get to a third year if Disney/ABC and Couric agree to take less money from the stations that carry it (she currently earns $10 million a year).

Disney/ABC wants to see if it can make a Couric renewal work financially, something that will have to be determined in a matter of weeks. "The sales team is currently in the marketplace having conversations with our station partners," the company says in a statement to TV Guide Magazine. "The viewer response has been great, and we've been very pleased with the creative changes and direction." According to a Disney/ABC insider, "It can go either way."

People close to Couric say money is less important to her than being happy with the final product. After some behind-the-scenes turmoil, including several executive producer changes, she is said to be pleased with the show's current mix of celebrity interviews, how-to info and serious conversation on more topical issues. But she hasn't ­decided if she wants to stick with the series; Couric has held conversations with Yahoo! about an ­online show, but that could be done as a supplement to her TV work.

Of course if Couric doesn't make it to a third season.

She always has other options.