That Didn't Last Long...

When KFOR hired former Fox News anchor Marianne Rafferty to anchor their evening newscasts, the station was giddy with excitement. 

Now, word is that after just 15 months, KFOR and Rafferty are parting ways. Yet, for some reason, it's hard to find that story on KFOR's website. 

Rafferty's bio is gone and word is last Friday was her last day. 

Since the station isn't talking, we only guess that the reason Rafferty is leaving after such a short stint is:  A) She wants to spend more time with her family B) She was terrible at her job or C) She hated working at the station.

And remember, this is a woman that worked for a survived  Roger Ailes.  It seems like KFOR would have been a cake walk after that. 

Maybe stations shouldn't make a big deal about a new hire, when they are going to barely mention it when they leave.

Just saying....