A Public Apology...

I want to send out a heartfelt public apology to Journalists, TV viewers and anyone thinking about getting into TV.

I'm truly sorry.

I'm sorry that CNN media critic Brian Stelter  and Fox News host Sean Hannity both have such little integrity, that they smear the name of Journalism, just to feed their giant egos.

The two have been fighting like 5th graders on Twitter, on air and in any media that will talk to them. It is extremely embarrassing for them, but much more importantly it is more embarrassing for Journalism. 

They are making a mockery of the profession and their immature behavior reflects badly on anyone in the industry.

As a Journalist you are taught from the very beginning that you are to tell the story and not try to become the story. That simple lesson is being lost, and Hannity and Stelter, well let's be honest never understood that. 

In the world of Hannity and Stelter, they think they are the story. Stelter retweets everything said about him, he relishes the spotlight and looks for any chance he can to get his face or name in the public eye. 

Stelter's ego rubs many at CNN the wrong way. People that work with him tell FTVLive that they have never seen an ego like his. And this folks, is in a business of giant egos. 

Hannity considers himself a Journalist, he is not and not many (or anyone ) besides himself look at him that way. Stelter, who is working in his first ever job in TV, also considers himself a Journalist. He also is not. He is a critic, a term that he despises, but that is clearly what he does. His calling Sean Hannity "unpatriotic"...... Journalism? No, it's a critic. That is what Brian is. 

If Sean Hannity calls Brian Stelter an asshole on Twitter, Stelter will retweet it. If he's getting any attention at all, he's happy. It's his oxygen. 

At one point Stelter gushed over Donald Trump, but once Trump turned on Stelter and CNN, Stelter has now been critical of Trump. Again a critic. 

The sad thing, Stelter is very much like Donald Trump, minus the hair and the money. They both thrive on attention. 

He should be downright embarrassed by his schoolgirl fight with Hannity. But he's not. He's thriving on the attention.  He loves being the story so much more than covering the story. 

Hannity is a buffoon and is known as such inside the halls of Fox News. But Hannity is on a show that is watched by more than a million people. Stelter gets 15-20% of that audience and yet Hannity still engages him.

People say that the only people that support Donald Trump are just really dumb white guys. Now, I'm not talking to you Sean, but if that shoe fits, just lace that bitch up and wear it. 

Although neither of these two are Journalists, many viewers look at them as they are. Their antics and fighting is childish , sophomoric and downright embarrassing. 

They have embarrassed themselves, their network and most of all Journalists. 

We're sorry and we appologize of their behalf.