Meet the Press, or Meet the Left?

FTVLive will be honest, we haven't really watched NBC's Meet the Press since Tim Russert died.

Yesterday, we were trying to watch some golf on the Golf Channel app and for some reason, we got a replay of yesterday morning's Meet the Press.

It should have been called Meet the Left.

Chuck Todd's pannel was so one sided it was it was a joke. Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and Rachael Maddow almost talking word for word from the DNC talking points.

Maddow is to the left what Sean Hannity is to the right....a complete waste of time. In Maddow's world the Democrats can do nothing wrong and the GOP can doing nothing right. It's a waste of time when it is tossed to her, because you know exactly what she is going to say before she opens her mouth. 

Sean Hannity is the same way, but on the right. Seriously, both these two are so in the tank for their side, they are not worth listening to.

Tim Russert would die (if he wasn't already dead) if he saw what his show has become.  

NBC should be ashamed offering up such a one sided show.

As I said, it was the first time I had seen the show in years and I can promise you it will be the last. 

The show was at one time, one of the best on TV. Sadly, it is nowhere close to that now.