CNN's Stelter Finally gets around to the Stale News

Last week, FTVLive reported that sources said that CNN's Jeff Zucker spiked a story on CNN's (Un)Reliable sources about Katie Couric and the deceptive editing on her gun documentary, "Under the Gun".

The Couric story was white hot last week, as the former NBC and CBS Anchor was catching heat for the deceptive editing. Couric in fact issued a statement last week, apologizing for the editing of the doc. 

Stelter completely ignored the story on his show last Sunday and did 3 segments on Donald Trump (imagine that?) and one on Rush Limbaugh. 

Stelter and CNN claimed that Zucker did not spike the story on his good friend Katie Couric. CNN sources tell FTVLive that Stelter was "urged" to leave the story alone on last week's show. 

Stelter says that there was other news to cover and claimed that the Couric story was about, "an obscure, barely-watched film here."

OK, so while many thought the story was news, Stelter did not. To him it was no big deal and that we are talking about an "obscure, barely-watched film here." So, he felt there really was no reason to cover the story. 

Which begs the question.....why did Stelter cover the Couric story on his show yesterday? If it wasn't a story a week ago, how did such a stale story become one this week?

On yesterday's (Un)Reliable Sources, Stelter brought on media critics Elizabeth Harrington and David Zurawik to talk about the "obscure, barely-watched film here."

Makes one wonder if Zucker and his water boy Stelter were trying to prove the story wasn't "spiked" last week, by doing it this week?

What other reason is there for presenting such a stale over week old story? 

We'd ask Stelter to respond, but he doesn't answer us back.