Fox Business Now Fastest Growing Cable Channel

While CNBC continues to shoot itself in the foot, the Fox Business Network is racking up record ratings. 

With the first half of 2016 coming to a close (is this year flying by or what?) Fox Business ends the first half of the as the fastest-growing cable news channel according to Nielsen Media Research.

In addition, Lou Dobbs Tonight notched its first-ever consecutive quarterly win, and was the top rated news program this quarter on business television. 

FBN was up 94 percent in total day, while Primetime ratings increased 133 percent. In addition, Business Day (9:30AM-5PM) grew 113 percent, averaging 128,000 in total viewers.

Fox Business continues top show in most of it's key programs, i.e. Lou Dobbs, Varney & Co and others. 


Breaking news was also a strength for the network this quarter, as FBN earned its first-ever primetime breaking business news win over CNBC. On June 23rd, FBN saw 28% more total viewers tune-in to its special Brexit report than CNBC, which only had 188,000 total viewers compared to FBN’s 241,000.