CNN Now PAYING to Run Trump Commercials

CNN made history last night in the 7PM hour. They became the first television outfit to pay for a live commercial.

Sure, TV stations have been paid to run live commercials, but this is the first time an outlet paid to do so. 

It used to be that a political campaign would pay a network to run a commercial that said how great the candidate is and it included some broken promise to try and get voters on the candidate's side. 

Then Donald Trump came along and that all changed. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC would put Trump on the air for FREE to let him tell lies and make promises that he will never keep. 

It was certainly something we have not seen before in a Presidential campaign.

But, CNN has now taken it a step further, when they hired former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Sources say that CNN is paying the former Trump thug around half a million bucks to come on their air.

Last night, Lewandowski made his first appearance on OutFront as a paid CNN staffer. 

Here is what he had to say, "Donald "Trump is the only person who's going to save this country for my children, and hopefully their children someday."

And there it is! The very FIRST live political commercial that was actually paid for by a TV network. 

Congrats CNN, just when you thought the bar could not get any lower, you seem to bring it down another notch. 

Also, when CNN asked Lewandowski if he had non disparagement agreement with Donald Trump? He refused to answer the question. 

Yes folks, this is what CNN is paying for.