Did CNN Reporter Know about this Before her Interview with Corey Lewandowsk?

Did CNN's Dana Bash know about the Corey Lewandowsk talks with CNN before she interviewed him or before she played the interview on-air?  If so, her failure to disclose those talks on-air means her integrity has taken a huge hit. 

On the other hand, if Bash was kept in the dark about this, and was allowed to go on-air without a disclosure while executives KNEW about the talks with  Lewandowski, Bash should be pissed off to no end.

If that was the case, CNN has undermined their reporter's own integrity. "

I can't see how Bash or any executive with an ounce of integrity can stand for that," said one Network insider. 

Also, CNN is wasting no time getting the former Trump thug on the air. CNN media critic said that  Lewandowski would appear on CNN's air as a paid contributor on Monday on CNN's New Day. 

But word is that Lowandowski will be on CNN's Outfront tonight at 7PM.

Also, there is little doubt that Lewandowski have some sort of agreement not to trash each other after his firing, so really what good is he to CNN.

Whether or not their is a written NDA, it seems like  Lewandowski will be nothing more than a Trump cheerleader. 

Oh wait! We're talking CNN and Jeff Zucker here.

Never mind.