Did Jeff Zucker Spike Katie Couric Story?

This morning, FTVLive told you how Katie Couric is now having some regrets over her gun documentary and how it was edited. 

The "mistake" is one that will likely haunt Couric as she enters the twilight of her career. 

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz covered the story extensively on his Sunday show. But, as The Cable Gamer first noted, the Couric controversy was not a topic on CNN media critic Brian Stelter's show on Sunday. 

Now rumors are that CNN boss Jeff Zucker spiked the story. Zucker and Couric are longtime friends and it appears that Zucker told his water boy Stelter not to air the story. 

This isn't the first time that CNN staffers say that Stelter has been "used" by Zucker. Back when Fareed Zakaria was taken to task for plagiarism, insiders say that Zucker had Stelter try and downplay it.

Stelter said that while he looked at the 26 plagiarism incidents and it after closer inspection, “the less it looks like capital P plagiarism.” 

Stelter said it, but sources tell FTVLive that the quote came directly from Jeff Zucker.

So, is Brian Stelter a media reporter as he claims, or just a Zucker messenger boy?

Also, if Zucker spiked the Couric story, how did Stelter react, I know that if it was me, you would have certainly seen a different  host on the CNN's air Sunday morning. 

You can't be the guy criticizing the media, if you're own boss is spiking stories on your show. 

We reached out to Stelter to ask him about the Couric story, we'll update you if we hear back. 

As for Jeff Zucker and the word that he is spiking stories involving "his friends", this has to give anyone pause that watches CNN election coverage of Zucker's friend Donald Trump.

Just saying....