Sinclair Turns Stations Over to Trump

Sources tell FTVLive that some Sinclair station were caught of guard when corporate sent down an order. 

Word is that the Sinclair stations in Madison and Green Bay were told to air a long (about 25 minutes)  interview with Donald Trump in Sunday night's newscast. Yes, Trump trumped the news. 

Sinclair's right wing Reporter Sharyl Atkisson got an "exclusive" interview with Trump. It must have been a very tough get, I mean Trump hardly talks to any media. Pfffffttttt!

Sinclair sources say that word came down from corporate to air the Trump interview. We hear the order didn't set well in Green Bay where the news operation scrambled to get short interviews with Ted Cruz and John Kasich to make an attempted at "balanced news".  

Stations outside of Wisconsin were also told to air a portion of the Trump interview as well. But, they did not have to devote almost the entire newscast to Trump like the stations in Wisconsin did.