Fox Business Beats CNBC in Demo and Business Day for 1st Time Ever

It doesn't seem that long ago that CNBC was poo pooing Fox Business Network as a competitor. 

Well, CNBC might not be poo pooing FBN anymore, but they might be shitting their pants.

FTVLive has been telling you how Fox Business has been beating CNBC in the demo and inching ever so close to them in business day total viewers. Well, for the first time FOX Business Network swept CNBC in both total viewers and the demo in Business Day yesterday.

This is the first time this has happened since FBN launched in 2007. 

"The major news of the day was the terrorist attacks in Brussels and FBN’s combination of breaking news mixed with how the news impacted the markets and your wallet definitely resonated with viewers and have once again proved that when news breaks, business viewers tune into FBN," said one FBN insider.