Why is the CNN Media Critic Reporting in The Field?

While TV stations and cable networks were going wall to wall with this month's storm of the century (look for another storm of the century next month).

If would have been a great chance for CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter to report on how the stations and cable nets were doing covering the storm.

But, for some odd reason, Stelter was out on the street playing Reporter and making snow angels (we wish we were making up that last part, but we are not) with some sort of dead animal on his head.

So, while Stelter critique CNN's weather coverage, which included a big does of him reporting?

We would love to shoot down Stelter's reporting on the storm, but along with doing snow angels, Stelter filed such riveting video like this:

Seriously...if that doesn't win an Emmy, I don't want to live anymore.