2015 Rewind - Thieves, Liars and Haters

No doubt that 2015 is FTVLive's best year yet and we think 2016 will be even better.

FTVLive experienced a lot of success in 2015. We had record traffic, broke huge stories and even had three companies offer to buy us out for some big bucks (so, far we have said no).

But with success, comes jealously and there are a number of people, with big egos, that don't like the fact that FTVLive has become THE site for people working in TV news.

Some of these people downright steal stories from FTVLive and act as if it is their own. We have watch straight out theft of our content and have come up with ways to prove it.

Others get the story from FTVLive, but give us no attribution or credit. In 2016, we will be calling out these people more and more.

We understand that TV news people are competitive and have huge egos, but it should not stop you from chucking your ethics and not doing what is right.

So, let's hope that people like Mike James, Mark Joyella, Deborah Potter, Harry Jessell and others will do what is right next year. Give FTVLive the credit the site is due, it's really not that hard.

Although, let's be honest, we are not going to hold our breath.

As for Spud (ICN), Allan (CNN Commentary), Johnny Dollar, Mediate, Huffington Post, Gawker and others....a BIG thank you for giving FTVLive credit when you use our stories or information.