CNN Goes to Iran and asks People About Donald Trump

How over the top has CNN gone with their non-stop Donald Trump coverage?

That went to Iran and asked the people about Trump.

Seriously they did.

Why would another in the US give a hoot as to what the people on the streets of Iran say about Trump or the other GOP candidates? Yet, somehow, CNN thinks this is news.

"I don't like this picture ... he was a television performer. I know the name Donald Trump, I saw some program of him and I don't like the program," said one Iranian to CNN.

Meanwhile, last night in New Hampshire, Trump held a rally and bashed CNN's money grab during the debate.

Trump said that CNN expanded the debate from 2 hours to 3, just so they could run more commercials and make more money. 

Trump again echoed his claim that CNN should have given the money they made off the commercials to Veterans. 

CNN has not responded to those remarks. 

You can watch CNN's Iran story here.