Ummmm.....NBC You Don't see a Conflict Here?

When it comes to cable news Anchors and conflicts of interest, MSNBC seems to lead the pack. We could write paragraph after paragraph about Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton, but that is for another day and time.

Last week, Presidential Candidate and NBC staffer Donald Trump decided to take a shot at basically Mexico and anyone that Mexican blood running through their body.

The Univision Network thought that Trump crossed the line and they decided to take a stand and pull the plug on carrying Trump's Miss Universe Pageant on their network.

NBC also carries the beauty pageant and they were not nearly as bold as Univision, but they did take a step back from Trump saying they don't agree with his comments. 

"NBC is evaluating its commitment to the upcoming Miss USA pageant hours after Univision’s decision to drop the program over comments made by Donald Trump, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter."

"For now, NBC’s only comment is a statement that distances itself from Trump, but doesn’t sever any relationship with him," wrote CNN Media Critic and Wolf Blitzer basher Brian Stelter. 

But what Stelter or NBC does not talk about is the hosts for the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant. 

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts is the host along with Cheryl Burke. 

So while NBC is saying they do not agree with Trump or his comments, they are leaving out the fact that one of their own anchors is slated as the host of the pageant. 

Is NBC going to let this happen?

Won't that show that they really do support Trump and everything else is lip service. And how does MSNBC cover the story, when one of their own Anchors is involved?

Stay tuned....

H/T The Cable Game