Brian Stelter: I Don't Delete Tweets

Stelter tried to claim that he made a copy and paste error, an excuse that many people are not buying.

But what is interesting, is in the past when Stelter has sent a "mistake" tweet, he has left the tweet on Twitter.

Back in 2011, before we was working at CNN, Stelter sent out a tweet about Christiane Amanpour leaving ABC. He said that the tweet was meant as a direct message and should not have been made public.

But, he left that tweet up and followed it up with the reason he did.

But, he quickly deleted the Blitzer tweet. 

What gives?

Stelter feels he should not be catching heat for his Wolf tweet. But, if Bill O'Reilly sent out a tweet that read, "Ugh.....Hannity is the worse" and then claimed it was a mistake, do you think Stelter would cover the story?

In a New York minute he would. 

There is no doubt, Stelter has a huge ego and a very thin skin (a bad combination). Stelter has followed FTVLive on Twitter for years and has even sent us DM's on the site. But, the minute we pointed out his Blitzer bashing tweet, he unfollowed FTVLive on Twitter (it is here we would put a frowny face :( but it would be hypocritical).

Stelter loves to use twitter and other social media to suck up to the media bloggers and try and stay on their good side. Just watch his playful Twitter comebacks with other critics. The media critics and bloggers try to play nice with each other.

FTVLive does not play that game. Our goal is to be tough but fair with everyone and we don't buy into this backslapping, "you be nice to me, I'll be nice to you" code.

Plus, it should be noted that our third grade teacher, Mrs. Green knew this way back when. Mrs. Green sent a note home to my parents saying, "He doesn't play well with others."

I still don't Mrs. Green, I still don't.