MSNBC Tries to Fool Viewers

MSNBC tried to pull the wool over the viewers eyes on Friday and shame on them for doing so.

At 2:15PM on Friday, MSNBC put up a banner that said "House Voting Now on Obama Trade Authority."

The truth of the matter, when the banner was put up, the President had already lost that House vote over a half hour earlier.  

Anybody watching the House floor TV feed could see the vote totals and the overwhelming loss of the Trade Authority legislation at 1:36pm.  MSNBC didn't cover the vote live.  Instead, 40 minutes afterwards, they decided to try and fool viewers into thinking MSNBC was on top of a story still developing.  

Naturally, they didn't show the house floor or screen totals at 2:15pm, because that would have undercut their premise that the vote was still happening.  Instead, MSNBC led viewers into believing that something was happening that very moment.  

It was not. Just further proof of MSNBC's total lack of integrity and disregard for basic on-air reporting. 

Hello Andy Lack? Are you seeing this?