Al Jazeera America Drops Ball on Amtrak Crash

Last night, all of the cablers were into live rolling coverage of Philadelphia Amtrak crash at 9:55pm except for one... Al Jazeera America.

Despite the breaking news, AJA stayed with canned, pre-taped programming for over an hour, even though it had a fully staffed 11pm news show team standing by and reportedly begging to cut-in.

Once again, staffers are infuriated with President Kate O'Brian.  

Insiders say she hates preempting taped programming and has ordered AJA news teams follow the network model of only doing breaking news in regularly scheduled newscasts. Even then, she has reportedly instructed shows to do it sparingly to leave time for other news.

O'Brian's already appears to be on thin ice with AJA's new management team.  

Last night's coverage, or lack there of may have sealed her fate.

Stay tuned....