CNN's Fuzzy Math

CNN is ran a full page ad in the New York Times and the Washington Journal claiming today touting that they are the fastest growing cable network.

The cable net had to use some fuzzy math and a lengthy disclaimer to make that claim, but the bottom line, it's not true.

According to Nielsen, Fox Business Network is the fastest growing cable network. FBN is up more than any other cable network in all demos and time periods.

In their disclaimer, CNN stipulates that their “Fastest Growing” measurement is of the Top 40 cable networks in total day for A25-54 and A18-49.....which is also wrong.

Looking at the top 40 in the time frame they set aside (through 12/6), According to Nielsen Fox is actually the fastest growing cable network in the A25-54 demo. Also HLN takes top honors for A18-49.

Maybe in the next ad, if CNN wants to be for accurate, they could write, "CNN is the fastest growing network, when it comes to making up shit."

Just saying....