CNBC Spins Debate Numbers

CNBC is billing last night's debate as the most watched show ever on CNBC.

With the reviews they are getting, it might, be better if no one saw it. 

The debate pulled in 14 million viewers, which unfortunately is down 10 million viewers from the first debate on Fox News.

CNBC is touting the debate as a huge success, but sources inside the network are telling FTVLive that the, "suits are disappointed."

CNBC is catching bad reviews from both the right (of course) and the left as to how the network and the moderators handled the debate. All networks have been criticized for their debates, but the drum seems to be beating a bit louder for CNBC. 

One thing was that hurt the network was going against the World Series. You would have thought that someone might have vetted the date a bit better before picking it. 

Also, although CNBC no longer subscribes to Nielsen, the debate was the day before the November book started. 

Fox Business which is nipping at the heals of CNBC in the numbers has a GOP debate set for November 10th, inside the rating book.

FTVLive predicts that Fox Business will win the ratings over CNBC for the first time ever in the ratings.

Stay tuned....