And Now...The Rest of the Story....

CNN did a story on the woman that stood up and started down Donald Trump at his event yesterday. 

The woman, Lauren Batchelder asked Trump if he's elected, will she make as much as a man? And will she have the right do choose what she does with her body. 

CNN's Jeanne Moos did a story on the exchange in her excellent writing style, but CNN left something out. 

If you checked out Batchelder's social media accounts you will see that she is a Jeb Bush plant. 

The Bush campaign is trying to deny that Batchelder is a plant, but there is no doubt she had an agenda. It happens in every campaign and all sides try to place plants inside events. But, the media should do some background checking before making the plant part of the story. 

CNN did not do that. 

Here is the CNN report