Is the End Near for Al Jazeera America?

When Al Jazeera America launched, FTVLive predicted that the network would bomb in the ratings and never gain a foothold with US viewers.

Next month marks the first anniversary of the debut of AJA.

Sources tell FTVLive that many employees have contracts coming up, or have windows in their contracts. It is expected that management will exercise their options on many contracts and tell a number of staffers that there deal is not being picked up. 

Word is that some TV Agents are finding it hard to get through to AJA executives to discuss their client's future with the struggling network.

Some insiders think that the government of Qatar is exploring shutting down the money losing and ratings challenged operation?

Last week, AJA executive David Doss sent a memo to the staff asking them to stop booking guests in studios to save money on the studios and satellite time.

Look for guests to be on Skype and other low quality forms of communication.

The Future of AJA is not looking very bright.