Ummmm.... That's Not Right Al

Stunning video of a Canadian couple driving along in their pickup truck, when it suddenly gets hit by a bolt of lightning.

The video was captured on camera.

Today Show Weatherman Al Roker talked about the video and pointed out that the reason the couple inside the truck were not hurt, was because of the truck's tires.

Well, as you learn in 5th grade science class, it's not the tires that keep you safe, it's the frame of the vehicle.

It didn't take long for the twitterverse to call out Mr. Roker.

Roker did step up and admit his mistake. Although he does lose points for blaming his mistake on a long week of travel. 

Of course Jim "The American Bald Ego" Cantore would have never made that mistake. And he surely would have never admitted he was wrong.

So, it's all good Al. We still love ya!

If you haven't seen the video, here's a link