Doing it on the Anchor Desk

As any FTVLive reader knows, when it comes to out favorite News Anchor, HLN's Robin Meade tops our list.

But, rounding out the Top 5 is like a revolving door here at FTVLive. Anchors move in and out of spots 2-5 all the time.

Yesterday, two tweets by Anchors have, for the time being moved them into that coveted spot of our list.

First, KXLY (Spoknae) Chief Meteorologist Kris Crocker sent out a tweet that was near and dear to FTVLive's heart. Anyone that knows us, knows why we liked this tweet:

But, believe it or not, that was not our favorite tweet of the day. That tweet was sent out by WOFL (Orlando) Anchor Sonni Abatta:

Enjoy being on FTVLive's favorite list ladies. It usually doesn't last long. Well....except for Robin Meade.