Is Lara Logan Done at 60 Minutes?

When Lara Logan was pushed into a very long vacation after her flawed report on the attack in Benghazi, many wondered if she would ever return to the ticking clock?

Here we are, 6 months later and Logan has yet to appear on CBS. 

When 60 Minutes boss Jeff Fager "suspend"Logan he said that she would return sometime this year. His decision sent a ripple of discontent through CBS News, prompting questions about Fager’s judgment. And as the months have rolled on, Logan’s return appears less and less certain.

“It’s not an accident that Lara Logan fucked up,” says a colleague at CBS News to NY Magazine. “It was inevitable. Everybody saw this coming.”

NY Mag says Fager has tried to keep Logan out of the spotlight: In recent months, she was scheduled to give several speeches for the Greater Talent Network, some paying as much as $50,000, but was advised by CBS to cancel the appointments. Other 60 Minutes correspondents filled in for her. Logan has spent recent weeks in her house in Washington, D.C., “losing her mind” and “stressing out of her head,” according to one CBS source. 

And what about Les Moonves? A well-placed source at CBS suggests that he has soured on Logan. Through a spokesman, Moonves declined to comment.

So Lara Logan may, or may not, return in the fall season. Either way, the show must go on and CBS has a hottie lined up to take Logan's spot. 

 34-year-old Clarissa Ward. “Jeff’s very high on her,” says a 60 Minutes producer.

Stay tuned.