In Other Words...Fields is F-d in Phoenix

This is the internal memo that went out to the staff at KTVK in Phoenix.

It appears that Main Anchor Fields Moseley (pictured) is about to have a really bad week. And remember, this is happening in the middle of the very important May book.

If I was Fields, I won't be buying the green bananas. He might not be around long enough for them to get ripe.

Just saying..... 

Here's the memo:

From: "Beck, Cameryn" <>
Date: May 1, 2014 at 6:07:27 PM MST
To: KTVK News <>
Cc: KTVK Leadership Team <>
Subject: Changes at 10pm

Starting Monday, we are going to try something new.   Brandon Lee will move to co-anchor the 10pm with Carey Pena.  Fields will continue to anchor the 9pm with Carey and do reports from the newsroom at 10pm.
This is a great opportunity to expand our resources and add a new dimension to both shows.
Cameryn Beck
Executive News Director