Piers Morgan Says He'll Stay on at CNN

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Back on October 1st of last year FTVLive reported the World Exclusive that CNN was going to drop Piers Morgan from his 9PM time slot (Read that story at this link).

We also wrote in that story "Word is that CNN could offer Morgan another role at the network...."

Now, it appears that FTVLive hit the nail dead on the head with that report from last year.

Morgan told Showbiz 411 that he’s staying at the network. “I’ll make a deal to do 20 ro 25 shows a year, all interviews with big names. That’s what I wanted to do in the first place, not reports on snow storms and that kind of thing.”

Morgan trying to save face by saying he was not interested in a nightly show, he was and he is still stinging from the plug being pulled on his Piers Morgan Live at 9PM. 

Morgan says he expects a "news show of some kind" will replace his old show at 9PM.