What Will Zucker do with CNN's Failing New Day?

Kate Bolduan

Kate Bolduan

It's the same old story at CNN's News Day.

The ratings suck and it is clear to just about everyone including CNN boss Jeff Zucker that his million dollar morning show is a bust.

On Monday, New Day finished at the bottom of the ratings heap, pulling a measly 51,000 viewers in the demo.

FTVLive was the FIRST to report the troubled times at the CNN morning show and we also were the FIRST to report that Zucker was exploring new options for co-Anchor Kate Bolduan.

Zucker appears to be hell bent on leaving Chris Cuomo on the failing morning show, but he knows something has to change.

As FTVLive reported, Zucker is looking to move Bolduan off the show. But, the big question is, who takes her place?

Buzzfeed looks at a few options:


Option #1 is Brooke Baldwin.

Baldwin has been doing a great job of holding down the fort at CNN in the late afternoons for a while now. She’s a solid anchor who can manage a fun celebrity interview. Most importantly, Baldwin can improvise confidently on the air, a skill that is absolutely necessary to neutralize/capitalize on Cuomo’s often cringe-worthy attempts at spontaneous humor. Balwdin may not be the Katie Couric-style answer that Zucker is ultimately looking for, but she has the skills to stabilize this sinking ship and has definitely earned the chance to surprise everyone and turn the show into a winner.


Option #2 Robin Meade

This is an option that FTVLive has floated for years. Bring Meaded over from sister station HLN. HLN beats New Day with no promotion and less than half the budget.


Option #3 Dennis Rodman

The show could use a jester and a villain. Why not kill two birds with one stone and hire Cuomo’s new bff, Dennis Rodman. Throwing a former pro athlete like Rodman into the mix with top dog Cuomo would at the very least be entertaining, and imagine the fun we’ll all have when Worm gets bored and takes over the New Day Twitter account.

What Zucker will do is anyone's guess, but the CNN boss needs to make a move soon. New Day is tanking in the ratings and it's not getting any better.