How I Work - Robin Meade


Today's edition of "How I Work" focusing on FTVLive favorite and HLN Anchor Robin Meade.

Meade tells us how she works: 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia (as we wait for an ice storm)

Current gig: I host "Morning Express with Robin Meade" on HLN, 6am-noon eastern Monday through Friday. 12 years now!

Current computer: here at work its some HP computer. But the screens are dual and HD. Yay for that!

Current mobile device: iphone 5s, with a fake leather book case. 

One word that best describes how you work: standing 

What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without? 

Twitter, Heads Up! Pages, Genius Scan, Voice Recorder HD


What's your workspace like? 


It's slightly messy, creative, and set up for multi-tasking. The folks here modified my desk to convert from sitting height to standing height. Then I bought a desk treadmill to go under it. Voila! I can get a few miles in, walking slowly during the day after the morning show. Being able to walk slowly on the desk treadmill while taking calls, writing stuff, or holding meetings post-show helps me stay focused and energized. Behind me sits my Keurig. To the side sits my fridge holding can after can of diet soda. Those are the other ways I stay energized on this crazy shift. lol. Behind me on the wall are mementos from different assignments, events or guests. For example: a pink WWE Divas belt from wrestler Sheamus. I'm surrounded by an assortment of military figurines, coins, and pictures folks have passed along during our Salute To Troops specials. An American flag from military members sits folded in a display where I can see it each morning. Pushed back under the credenza is a new addition: a "go bag" just for icy weather in case we have to stay overnight at the hotel attached to the CNN center during wintery weather.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without? 

I cant live without my lovely iPad! I have a logitech keyboard for the thing and use it like you would a lap top. I plug in an Apogee brand microphone and do recorded radio newscasts every morning that sound awesome thanks to this tiny high tech marvel. I even use the ipad as a telePrompter when push comes to shove at a speaking appearance or a music gig where I need the chord charts or lyrics for something I didn't write. Shoot, without that iPad, how else could I read tweets from viewers during the commercial breaks? lol. 

What Music are you listening to? 

I'm gorging on Darius Rucker's latest country album. Im also digging Bastille, Bruno Mars,  Civil Wars, Eric Church, Kings of Leon, Miranda Lambert, Ray LaMontagne, Sara Bareilles, and Zac Brown Band. 

What's your sleep routine like? 

Its abbreviated. ha! Seriously. Show me the morning show person who gets the proper amount of sleep (There aren't any). I used to get to bed around six pm, and up at two am. But once I started doing music albums, social media, and even online discipline for sleep went out the window. Lately, I'd like to get to bed around 7pm but it ends up more like 8 pm. On good days.  I get up for work at 3am. Every now and then I hedge on whether my hair really needs washed...and push the wake up time to 3:30 am. 

Best Advice you Ever Got? 

No is a complete sentence. (Great advice when you're prone to being asked to do a third shift of anchoring or reporting at the local station because you're the only warm body in the newsroom at the time. I learned to say "no" to extra shifts the hard way: by overextending myself until I was miserable.)

Best Thing About your Job? 

Can I pick two? The best things about my job: the PEOPLE I work with, and the viewers I work for. 

Worst thing about your Job? 

The wake up time. But it goes with the territory. Hey! No matter how strange the schedule, we tv journos are fortunate to follow our passions and have incredibly fulfilling jobs. If we are passionate about what we do, the viewer can feel that. It's through feeling we create a shared experience. And its via the shared experience we make the strongest connection with the audience. It can't be faked. You're either passionate about this or you're not. 

Ah, if you're hearing blah-blah-blah as you read that last answer, that  was just high-minded talk for saying: I LOVE what I do!