CNN Caught Flatfooted with FTVLive Exclusive

Yesterday, FTVLive broke the news in an EXCLUSIVE story that Alisyn Camerota will be replacing Kate Bolduan on CNN's New Day early in the new year.

Camerota has been filing in on New Day since Bolduan left on maternity leave and she is now getting the job full time.

When FTVLive broke the news, just two days before Christmas, the news traveled fast both inside and outside CNN.

The PR Department was getting a number of calls wanting CNN's reaction to FTVLive's story and to see if the network would confirm the news?

Problem was, the CNN suits were nowhere to be found, already gone on Holiday break.

Calls were made back and forth to Execs on vacation asking how they wanted to handle the FTVLive story?

CNN planned on making the announcement of Camerota for Bolduan just after the New Year, now there is talk about moving the announcement up to next week.

Time will tell as to what they have decided, but you can bet if CNN was going to give FTVLive a Christmas gift, it would be a big old lump of coal.

Just saying...