Palm Beach Anchor and Producer Wife Divorce gets No TV News Coverage

TV stations are quick to show you the on air marriage proposals, but they never seem to show the divorce proceedings.

WPEC morning Anchor Eric Roby was involved in a nasty divorce battle with his TV Producer wife Audra and not one bit of it was covered by the station. 

Imagine that? 

The 11 year marriage is over and was finalized right on time for the holidays.

Gossip Extra writes that Roby, 41, whose legal name is James, had been duking it out with his TV producer ex, 40, since she allegedly found him more distant, and discovered phone numbers she didn’t recognize on their joint cellphone bill, court papers show.

According to some of the hundred-plus filings in the case, Audra has Roby sleep in a separate bedroom for more than year before she filed for divorce in late 2013.

The torn lovebirds are the parents of two boys, ages 8 and 5.

Audra, who asked to move with the children to her childhood home in Illinois, also claimed he “didn’t want to be bothered by her or the children” and spent most of his time at work, running, doing yoga or chilling in the garden of their home.

His answer to her criticism: Audra, Roby testified, was never happy with all he did for the family!

The divorce became so heated that Roby, according to paperwork, used all of his $100,000-retirement account on legal fees while the wife spent $40,000. Combined, they’ve used a total four lawyers for the case.

But in the end, Palm Beach County Family Court Judge Charles Burton deemed both Roby and his ex to be “loving parents” and equally fit to care for the boys. He denied the ex-wife’s motion to move back to Illinois with the children and ordered a local co-parenting schedule.

Burton, however, did award the use of their marital home in West Palm Beach to Audra while ordering Roby, who makes $140,000 a year according to his financial filings, to pay his ex $1,000 a month in alimony for the next four years and $816 a month in child support.

If you're looking for film at 11....don't hold your breath.