CNN's Stelter: The Missing Plane is a Bigger Story Today

CNN Reliable Sources Host Brian Stelter appeared on Fusion's "Midterm Mayhem" show and said a few things that make you hmmmmm?

The show's hosts tried to joke with Stelter about CNN's way over the top coverage of the missing plane. Stelter in turn tried to argue that the missing plane story is a bigger story today than when it first went missing.

"I would actually argue that it is a bigger story Today than it was 6 months ago," Stelter said. Stelter did not say way CNN is still not focusing their coverage on the missing plane, since after all it is a bigger story Today than when CNN was going wall to wall with coverage? 

As for the ebola fears and cable news not stop coverage of virus that only has 7 confirmed cases in the U.S.

Stelter says you have to put some of that blame on the viewers?


“It’s partly the fault of the viewer. I don’t know if that’s kosher to say or not," Stelter said. "I think if you sit there watching for 24 hours or whatever that stereotypical amount of time is, you’re probably going to come away with a disproportional sense of how important that story is. I put a lot of that on the audience. Maybe that’s silly of me to say,” he added.

So the next time you think cable news over the top, off the wall coverage has crossed way over the's your fault. 

Damn viewers!

Here's video of Stelter's appearance: