Zucker Celebrates 1 Year at CNN

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Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of Jeff Zucker's reign at CNN. 

Instead of doing a stupid report card grading Zucker on his first year, let's look at what truly counts, the ratings. 

During Zucker's first year, the network has experienced the most dismal ratings in CNN’s history.

According to Nielsen, in primetime, CNN delivered its lowest rated year ever in Total Viewers and it's second lowest rated year in the demos. 

As for Total Day numbers, the story isn't any better. CNN pulled their lowest rating ever in the demos. In total viewers it was their worst year since 2000.

When Zucker came in to CNN, he promised to remake the network and launch new shows. How did that go?

Not so well. 

Every single regular program Zucker has launched is down in ratings and Zucker has already had to cancel two programs he launched/attempted to launch this year.

Get to the Point aired one week from 4/1-4/4, Mon-Thu 10-11p and Stroumboulopolous aired 7 Fridays from 11p-12a from 6/14-8/16 before being canceled.

Other shows that Zucker created are still on the air, but not doing well either.

Zucker's biggest project to date has been the remake of CNN's morning show. The network spent millions launching New Day.

New Day is down 9% in total viewers (278,000) and down 20% in demo (97,000) compared to the program it replaced (6/17/13 launch to 1/15/14 vs. 12/31/12-6/14/13).  Ranked third in total viewers and fourth in demo in 6-9am timeslot.

The CNN boss was really excited about bringing back Crossfire to the network. The viewers were not nearly as excited as Jeff was.

Crossfire is down 25% in total viewers (373,000) and down 23% in demo (125,000) compared to the Situation Room which it replaced (9/9/13-1/15/14 vs. 12/21/12-9/6/13). 

Don't forget Jake Tapper, one of Zucker's big hires and a guy that Zucker promised would have a big impact at CNN.

The Lead with Jake Tapper is down 10% in total viewers (515,000) and down 3% in demo (141,000) compared to the Situation Room which it replaced (3/18/13-1/15/14 vs. 12/31/12-3/15/13). 

And then there is the show Unguarded with Rachel Nichols.

Unguarded is unwatched by viewers and his down a whopping 59%. 

Zucker did have one highlight, the one night documentary Blackfish was a hit in the ratings.

If we were grading Zucker and his first year at CNN, we would have to give him an "F" it would have been "F minus" but the Blackfish saved him. 

Zucker says he is going to shake up prime time this year. 

We can hardly wait to see how that turns out.

Stay tuned.....