There Goes What's Left of MSNBC's Credibility ​


MSNBC the cable news network that admits they don't do a good job of covering news has hired a new host. 

So what top flight journalist did MSNBC go with? 

Brian Williams? Lester Holt maybe? Or did they sign Ted Koppel after NBC pulled the plug on Rock Center?

The answer is none of the above, in fact staying true to their mission, MSNBC did not hire a Journalist at all. 

They hired actor Alec Baldwin.  

Here is the internal memo MSNBC boss Phil Griffin sent out to the staff. You can read it, while I go throw up.

From: Griffin, Phil (NBCUniversal) 
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2013 02:49 PM
To: @MSNBC Everyone 
Subject: Announcement 
Please join me in welcoming Alec Baldwin to MSNBC. His new show is coming in October and you'll be hearing much more in the coming weeks. This is an exciting new addition to our lineup and I’m really looking forward to getting started.