EXCLUSIVE: Zucker Pulls Plug on CNN's Diversity Council


Sources inside CNN tell FTVLive that Jeff Zucker had a meeting with his top managers and announced that he was going to shutdown CNN's Diversity Council. 

It's a jaw dropping move that has many shaking their head. 

CNN has caught a lot of flack over the years for their lack of diversity on the network's air. Zucker did not help that matter when he came in and yanked Soledad O'Brien off the morning show, when he revamped it. 

CNN would answer their critics by talking about their diversity council and how they are in place to make sure the network looks closer at the issues when it comes to minorities. 

Now, Zucker is disbanding the diversity council.


Word is that Zucker wants to make some personnel changes and some of the people he wants to get rid of, sit on the diversity council.  

It appears that Zucker feels like if the council is gone, getting rid of these people will be easier.  


Sources tell FTVLive that Zucker has quietly started looking for a replacement for Maria Ebrahimji (right).  

Ebrahimji is Executive Editorial Producer and main Booker at CNN. She has been at the network since 2008. She's also the Vice Chair sitting on CNN's Diversity Council. 

Ebrahimji is not the only council member on "Zucker's hit list." FTVLive has heard other names as well.   

For a network that has been under fire from the minority community for their "lack of color" on their network, it seems that pulling the plug on the Diversity Council is not a very smart move.

But, right now it's Jeff Zucker's sand box and he is going to do what he wants. 

Stay tuned....