Sleep Deprived Courtney Friel was Entertaining

KTLA Anchor Courtney Friel got a side gig hosting the live stream of the Britney Spears coming to Planet Hollywood announcement.   Friel was thrown into the Nevada desert to babble for an hour announcing Britney Spears' upcoming Vegas residency.

It was obvious that she was working on not much sleep. Often Friel had no idea what was going on — she wondered aloud half a dozen times if she would ever get to talk to Britney. She did not. 

During the technically plagued livestream, Friel regularly had no idea what to talk about, so she discussed the imminent sunrise a few times, pointed out the "gadgets" being used to film her, showed off cue cards. 

It's always tough to ad lib for that long, but even harder when absolutely nothing is happening.   

Let's hope Courtney at least got a good night's sleep last night.  

Here's a video sample: 

Even a better clip is posted

over at Gawker.