Nancy Grace's Racist Comments


HLN's Nancy Grace made a racist comment during the George Zimmerman coverage and HLN appears to be just sweeping it under the rug.

Grace used a racial stereotype to refer to Zimmerman during her reaction to the closing statement from Zimmerman attorney Mark O'Mara.

Grace rolled a clip where O'Mara says 'I want you to really, really look at those instructions, apply them, and just say he acted in self-defense,' O'Mara had said in his final words to the Sanford, Florida jury. 'Find him not guilty. Let him go back and get back to his life.'

'Give George Zimmerman back his life?' Grace shouts after the clip ran.

'Give Zimmerman back his life? He’s [been] out on bond, driving through Taco Bell every night, having a churro,' she said.

WTF?! Zimmerman is an Hispanic male and there is no question that the Taco Bell reference was out of line.  

HLN has not addressed Grace's comments and no disciplinary action has been taken against her.

Here's the video: