Howie Kurtz Goes Silent on Twitter (Updated: He's Alive!)


Former Newsweek/Daily Beast TV "except for CNN" Critic Howard Kurtz has gone eerily silent on Twitter.

Kurtz was fired....ummmm....parted ways with the Daily Beast after catching a lot of flack for the mistakes he made on the NBA player Jason Collins story.

Kurtz appeared last Sunday on his CNN show ironically named Reliable Sources to apologize for his awful reporting and since that day he hasn't tweeted even once.

Kurtz who had been Tweeting almost non-stop and using the social media site to pimp his "friend's" website the Daily Download, has been quiet on Twitter all week.

Looking back it appears to be the longest amount of time that Kurtz has ever gone without tweeting since he joined the social media network.

Here is the last tweet he sent out:

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 5.28.45 PM.png

Updated: It's Alive!!! After reading our story, Howie finally sent out a Tweet on Saturday morning.