Zucker Wants CNN/HLN Talent NY Based

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When Jeff Zucker became the President of CNN, he said that he would work out of New York instead of Atlanta, where CNN was based.

Now word is that Zucker is telling talent it's time to come join him in New York.

As Zucker looks to blow up CNN prime time and HLN altogether, he is moving talent and management to New York.

To get around some of the unions, shows will still be produced out of Atlanta, but they will air from NYC.

Word is that Zucker has told HLN star Robin Meade that he wants her to move to New York as well. A move that sources say Meade does not want to make.

One HLN staffer that may not have to make the move to Manhattan is Nancy Grace. Word is that Zucker is this/close to pulling the plug on Grace. 

Stay tuned...