St. Louis Anchor Headed to The A-T-L?


Sources tell FTVLive that KMOV (St. Louis) Anchor Cortney Bryant is leaving the Meredith station and is bound for Atlanta.

So far the deal is not done, but sources tell FTVLive it is this/close to being so.

Word is that Bryant is headed to The Firm’s WAGA in Atlanta to be the station’s main Anchor.

In St. Louis, Bryant anchored the station’s 5.6 and 10PM newscasts.

Bryant would be the second main KMOV Anchor to jump to Atlanta. In 2015, Sharon Reed moved from St. Louis to WGCL in Atlanta.

Both KMOV and WGCL are owned by Meredith, so the move was in the company.

Bryant maybe looking to make the move and compete against the Meredith station in Atlanta.